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  Number of songs (not from films) in collection = 4883
Artist/Album Song
Kailash Kher - Kailasa Chaandan MeinNa Bataati Tumore
Kailash Kher - Kailasa Chaandan MeinBheeg Gaya Mera Mann (Cherrapunji)more
Om Jai JagdishSonu Nigam- Vishwashanti Mantramore
Om Jai JagdishS. P. Balasubramaniam- Sukhkarta Dukhahartamore
Om Jai JagdishRaghav Sachar- Om Jai Jagdish Hare (Instrumental)more
Om Jai JagdishRaghav Sachar- Om Jai Jagdish Hare (Aarti)more
Om Jai JagdishKunal Ganjawala- Hare Krishna Hare Ramamore
Om Jai JagdishChorus- Om Sacchidanand Parabrahmamore
Om Jai JagdishBiddu- Om Namah Shivaymore
Om Jai JagdishBiddu- Jai Jai Rammore
Om Jai JagdishBiddu- Gayatri Mantramore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinTere Bin Jeena Nahinmore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinO Jaan-E-Jaanmore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinMain Tera Deewana Huamore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinKyon Na Banaayen Hum Moorat Terimore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinKya Maine Socha Thamore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinKya Haseen Raat Haimore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinJaanammore
Bali Brahmbhatt - Tere Bin Jeena NahinBadi Ajeeb Hai Daastaanmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsWhen You're Happy And You Know Itmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsWe Are Going To The Marketmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsThe Sharing Songmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsThe Birdy Dancemore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsSmilemore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsSimon Saysmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsOld McDonald Had A Farmmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsIt's Fun To Share Our Toysmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsI'm A Little Musicianmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsFunny Monkeymore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsFive Little Monkeysmore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsBoogie Woogiemore
Bal Ganesh 2 Bonus SongsAre You Sleepingmore
Ali HaiderPurani Jeansmore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Shrinathji Dhun (Bonus)more
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Pyara Kanhaiyamore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Pal Mein Prabhu Paamore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Mere To Girdhar Gopal (Bonus)more
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Main Nahin Maakhan Khaayomore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Krishna Krishnamore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Jai Radherani Namo Namahmore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Jai Krishnamore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Hey Surnayakmore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Hey Kamal Nayanmore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Govind Damodar Madhaveti (Bonus)more
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Dhanya Yashoda Maiyemore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)Bhagwan Lo Avtaarmore
Jai Shri Krishna (TV Show)(Lagaan) O Paalanhaare (Bonus)more
Chitra - Ragga RaagaSenoritamore
Chitra - Ragga RaagaSangeet (Chitra Solo)more
Chitra - Ragga RaagaNightlife (Voodoo Rapper Solo)more
Chitra - Ragga RaagaKiss Memore
Chitra - Ragga RaagaKabhi Yahan Kabhi Wahanmore
Chitra - Ragga RaagaGori Gorimore
Chitra - Ragga RaagaDil Deke Dil Liyamore
Chitra - Ragga RaagaAe Meri Zindagimore
Jaane Kya Baat HuiJaane Kya Baat Hui (Title Song)more
Jaane Kya Baat HuiJaane Kya Baat Hui (Complete)more
Yeh Umr Hai AisiSun Zaraa Mere Mannmore
Top Star Hits(The Train) Gulaabi Aankhenmore
Top Star Hits(Padosan) Mere Saamnewali Khidki Meinmore
Top Star Hits(Lakhon Mein Ek) Chanda O Chandamore
Top Star Hits(Kudrat) Tune O Rangeelemore
Top Star Hits(Caravan) Piya Tu Ab To Aajamore
Top Star Hits(Apna Desh) Sun Champamore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaYaara Ek Chummimore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaTumba Tumbamore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaTu Hi Tu Haimore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaMahadevmore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaHoney Lulumore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaChat De Banere Uttemore
Usha Uthup - Tumba TumbaAe Sanam Har Janammore
K. L. SaigalRadhe Rani De Daro Namore
K. L. SaigalPanchhi Kaahe Hot Udaasmore
K. L. SaigalLaayee Hayaat Aemore
K. L. SaigalKaun Veeraane Mein Dekhegamore
K. L. SaigalJhoolna Jhulaao Rimore
K. L. SaigalGhar Yeh Tera Sada Na Meramore
K. L. SaigalDuniya Mein Hoon Duniya Kamore
K. L. SaigalLag Gayee Chot Karajva Mein Ramamore
K. L. SaigalSuno Suno Ae Krishna Kaalamore
K. L. SaigalMain Baithi Thimore
K. L. SaigalKaun Bujhaave Rammore
K. L. SaigalHumjoliyon Ki Thi (part 3)more
K. L. SaigalRehmat Pe Terimore
K. L. SaigalRangeentar-Az-Henastmore
K. L. SaigalO Sahane Saaqiyamore
K. L. SaigalMarhaba Ghamzamore
K. L. SaigalMain Baithi Thi (part 2)more
K. L. SaigalMain Baithi Thi (part 1)more
K. L. SaigalMaahi Nal Jaamore
K. L. SaigalIshq Mujhko Nahinmore
K. L. SaigalIbne Mariyanmore
K. L. SaigalHumjoliyon Ki Thi (part 2)more
K. L. SaigalHumjoliyon Ki Thi (part 1)more
K. L. SaigalGamza Paikanmore
K. L. SaigalBahut Us Gali Kemore
K. L. SaigalApni Hasti Kamore
Yeh Jo Hai ZindagiYeh Jo Hai Zindagi (opening credits)more
Yeh Jo Hai ZindagiYeh Jo Hai Zindagi (end credits)more
Yeh Jo Hai ZindagiYeh Jo Hai Zindagi (complete- opening and end combined)more

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